understanding of how concepts from symbolic interactionism provide a lens for conceptualizing the self as a largely social entity. In this learning activity, we will explore the relevance of role-identities for social work practice. This activity will help you to forge connections between the primary concepts from symbolic interactionism and practice.

The reading material has been attached.

Read carefully each of the mini-cases below, In a well-developed paragraph for each of your selected two, address how the concept of role-identities indicates a direction for social work practice

Case #1

You are a social worker at a small rural hospital that receives most of its blood from local blood banks. Recently, there has been a growing shortage in the supply of blood available to your organization, mostly on account of the fact that the spike in the number of donors following September 11, 2001, has trickled off. You are asked to make recommendations to the hospital board regarding how to increase the number of first-time donors and retain currently active donors.

Case #2

You are a social worker at an assisted living facility that serves older adults with at least some degree of physical or mental disability. Many residents display high levels of depressive symptoms, have little meaningful activity to engage in, and have limited contact with individuals outside of the facility. The director of the facility recently learned of the disproportionate rates of depression in nursing homes and has asked you to advise the lifestyle department as to how to create activities that might protect against residents’ serious mental health problems.

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