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1. The top-down approach is among the list of scoring method. This method is fairly simple in which all of the applicants are rated in order of the most desired to least likely in according to scores, etc. This type of selection is ideal for positions that are along the entry level in which requires minimal work experience, however, this method doesn’t necessarily equate the level of experience the applicant has.

Applicants will be offered a position. Should the applicant deny the offer, the next applicant on the list will be offered the position, so on so forth (Gatewood, Feild, & Barrick, 2011). This method is ideal because it is simple and easy to hire an individual. While this method is easy, it can result in an adverse impact as the high score doesn’t equate to the level of experience. Another disadvantage of this method is that it could be open for potential racial liability issues. “The adverse impact against protected groups (e.g., minorities, women) that is often associated with a top-down approach to selection test decision making. This is because Whites, on average, tend to outperform certain minorities on commonly used written multiple-choice selection tests measuring factors such as cognitive ability and job knowledge. Given this situation, Whites will be chosen at a substantially higher rate in comparison to members of these minority groups if a strict top-down rank order approach is used” (Psychology, n.d.).

The most important elements of Job Analyst would be the job description. This information will allow both the employer and employee to understand the scope of the position and what exactly the employee is required to do (HR Guide, n.d.). Additionally, the job description will allow the employer to set minimal limitations such as required lifting or standing periods, etc. During periods of performance reviews or written letter of consuls, the employer can refer back to the job description and discuss their expectations for the position and what they agreed to.


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