For example, you might discuss what you learned from their musings and how you have learned from similar experiences. You might add to the understanding of the points they have raised. You might comment on the value of the intellectual traits they have discussed. You might discuss how these traits can help us to be more successful in our daily lives. You might comment on some aspect of the Chapter or any other resources you have used during this course as they may relate to the discussion. Enjoy. Respond in 5 sentences or more.

With regard to “Open-Minded Inquiry”, I will name the three attributes I consider most important that assist one in keeping literally an open mind; listening to, exploring, and examining honestly both sides of an argument, debate or discussion is fundamental in “playing” in the Open-Minded Inquiry discussion. The attributes I view as most important are: Honesty, Objectivity, and Open-Mindedness.

HONESTY is being completely responsible to oneself as well as others; one must be true to the subject matter being discussed and respond in a way that shows no prejudice or favoritism outwardly. Obviously, there are going to be the biases that we all have that may come into play, but remaining open-minded and honest with respect to how one views the argument must be respected. Honesty is key to living a good life and is foremost in the Open-Minded Inquiry. Honesty leads to trust and trust is also important in the proper conduct of one’s success in life. An example I can relate to of someone I knew who was not honest was a family friend who often asked for help to find small jobs at a minimum in hope of finding a full time job; this person was a dealer in fresh fish who often purchased fresh fish at a “favorable price” for my family until my Father, who suspected that he was being “cheated” checked at local fish markets on the prices of fish our friend was selling us at the bargain rate. He discovered that we were paying significantly more than the norm, thus our friend was discovered to be dishonest. Needless to say, our friend lost more than our friendship – trust as well as honesty was lost. One must always be honest, be true to principles of trust and integrity to be a success in whatever walk of life one lives and works in. As such one is sure to be respected and revered to a degree as a true honest friend, business person, etc.

Secondly, OBJECTIVITY is seeing things so clearly that judgment can be reserved, and failing that, it is then exercised fairly as it was analyzed in viewing, reflecting then judging. One must be able to put himself in to the shoes of another to be completely empathetic and effectively neutral. One must use common sense, often, compassion and respect as others expressing views are also in need of understanding and appreciation of their respective views. Objectivity could be somewhat akin to intelligence as one must reason, exercise understanding, analyze and render judgment without imprudence. I had a senior leader when I was in boot camp who was somewhat “prejudiced” towards me as an Italian “WOP” which was supposed to be a joke, but I sensed that it was truly a sincere feeling this individual had towards me. Obviously, boot camp is supposed to be tough for each individual who is in training, but it appeared to me that I received more than my share of “criticism” for anything deemed out of order. As such, I lost personal respect for this person and almost had an intense hate for the military. OBJECTIVITY is important as one analyzes any and everything that comes into play in his daily life and to not allow personal prejudices to affect decisions, circumstances or situations as credibility can be lost.

OPEN-MINDEDNESS is an intellectual virtue that involves a willingness to take relevant evidence and argument into account in forming or revising personal beliefs and values, especially when there is some reason why we might resist such evidence and argument, with a view to arriving at true and defensible conclusions. One must be receptive to alternative possibilities or solutions, be willing to rethink previous notions in spite of any opinion already formed, etc. One should not have a preconceived decision about any argument or debate prior to hearing both sides of the issue. Often, in the military system, there is only ONE way of doing things as directed by superiors; we are too driven by rules and regulations to allow for any thinking “outside the box” which in my mind detracts somewhat from a fair and just military force. If there is a better way of doing something, than why not explore it further and see how it works; actually, there is a “reward program” that gives large sums of cash to those who propose changes and show them to be effective with significant cost savings, but they mist go through a chain of command that can easily slow down or kill the process. If everything that is at our disposal is respected, promoted and fairly used and evaluated, then full faith can be restored and maintained in the forces.

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