The Case of Ruth to be utilized in applying a specific counseling theory. The theory is person centered therapy. Produce a PowerPoint, with a clinical summary of Ruth (chief compliant, psychosocial issues, diagnosis, medical and psychological history), an outline of the key principles and techniques of the theory and how the theory will be applied, and intervention recommendations.

Note: Possible Clinical Diagnosis

  • Adjustment Disorder
  • Panic Disorder
  • Dysthymic Disorder
  • Identity Problem

Use the DSM-V and format.Clinical Diagnosis.Medical Condition(s). Psychosocial Issues


Must include the following:

  • Clincal Summary
  • Chief Complaint
  • Background
  • Psychosocial issues
  • Medical Issues
  • Psychological Issues
  • Therapy Key Principles
  • The key principles or concepts
  • Techniques used
  • Role of the therapist
  • Application
  • How the therapy was applied to Ruth’s chief complaints
  • The techniques used
  • Recommendations for working with Ruth using the therapy
  • Slides were organized with headers. Font was legible. No grammatical errors. Citations and references included in APA format.

The book used is the Theory and Practice of Counseling and Psychotherapy. (10th ed.) by Griffin Corey. Attached is the Case of Ruth.

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