I want you to paraphrase this paragraph.

1. The lecture by Dean Bell was about how Martin Luther was a profound writer and he was quite misunderstood. Early stages of Luther’s life showed that he cared, even if slightly, for Jews and thought them to not be the scum of the earth. However, due to circumstances such as the few interactions Martin Luther had with Jews on a day-to-day basis and the reputation the Jewish community had the time, Martin Luther began to write that Jews are not worthy and they should convert to Christianity. The overall main message was that Martin Luther had other intentions than just hating the entire Jewish population, and people in this day and age should appreciate Luther for who he is: an extraordinary writer.

2. Martin Luther wasn’t an anti-Semite. I had learned through my years of history courses that Martin Luther hated Jews however that wasn’t the whole truth has Dr. Bell explained.

3. Dr. Bell explained that through writing, Luther made Judaism, Jews, and Hebrew a common theme to write about and discuss in his era and for era’s to come. This was due to the interesting points Luther discussed and made others think about the topic.

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