This week we will review a TED Talk. If you have not had the chance to listen to a TED Talk before, you are going to love them! The assignment description follows:

Please visit and search for the term, “MARKETING” in Talks. I have created a shortcut for you here:…

Talks, people, playlists, topics, and events about “marketing” on

Next select and listen to one (1) TED Talk from the list of Marketing related TED Talks. There are several more Marketing related TED Talks than there are students in our class, so ideally we will each choose a different talk. I understand, however, that some talks might appeal to more than one person and we MIGHT (hopefully not) have some overlap. After choosing and listening to your talk, please write a one page summary of the TED Talk that you selected. Please be sure to include the following on your written document:

Your name and date

The name of the TED talk

The name of the TED speaker

The date of the TED talk

A link to the TED talk

A summary of the TED talk

Your review/recommendation of the TED talk

This assignment should be one (1) page minimum, two (2) page maximum.

(10-12 point Arial, single spaced, double spaced between paragraphs.)

Please attach your .pdf file as an attachment to a post on the TED Talks discussion board by 11:59pm on Friday, November 17

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