After identifying different forms of positive communication and learning how to engage in positive relationships and supportive interactions in this module, you will now be reflecting on the importance of these interactions between children and parents as well as professional communication and your role as an ECE educator.

Key Area of Practice for Module 05: Professional Communications

Reflect on how your would encourage positive communication between children and their parents as well as your professional communication with families after reflecting on what you observed is the assigned videos for this assignment. Be prepared to explain how the activities you observed match or vary from the principles described in this module, and why.

To complete this assignment, first watch all of the videos in the playlist below.


Reading an Infant’s Expressions

Stretching the Infant’s Reach


Owens Falls Again

Father Gives Son Swimming Lesson

Ben Shoots Pool


Video Documentation for Parents


Helping with Homework

Milena Builds a Story with Her Mom


Sink or Float Explained

Mixed ages:

Discussion Starters-a CD (Choose 4 of the 8 to view)

Next, answer the following questions, In your written responses, be sure to use complete sentences as well as proper punctuation and grammar.

Reflect on this module’s key area of practice. Share specific examples of what this looked like in the videos.

Share an example of how you plan to use this key area of practice in your work with young children and families.

Briefly share one “a-ha”moment or a key take away from the videos.

Download the template containing these questions below.

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