Modify the FizzBuzz program from week 2 (this one does not need the arrays and functions from week 3) further to use a class you create called CFizzBuzz. The class should contain a private data member for the number input. The class should have a public member function bool GetInput() that will get what the user inputs and store it in the private data member. If the user inputs a number, it will return true, if the user types “end”, it will return false. Finally, the class should have a public member function void Output() that will provide output similar to before, outputting the number and the various combinations of Fizzes and Buzzes as specified in previous weeks.

The main() will basically loop over and over. Inside the loop, it will create a CFizzBuzz object, call its GetInput() method, break the loop if it returns false, or call its Output() method if it returns true.

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