mgt300 module 8 discussion forum 4 4 unread replies 6 6 replies hrm diversity and globalization what role does management play in our globalized world

Module 8: Discussion Forum

6 6 unread replies. 6 6 replies.



This week’s discussion has you exploring Diversity and why it is important. How does our diversity influence the global workforce? Try to relate to your own experiences and the importance and contributions of a diverse workforce.

Remember to post your primary post here by Thursday, citing it

with 2 scholarly sources and in text-citations. Be sure to respond to

at least 2 of your peers’ posts by Sunday.

We learn in this module about how managers address the needs of a growingly diverse workplace. Considering the demographic trends of the United States and the global workforce, apply the most important principles of management to the context of diversity and its ethical implications in the workforce. List those principles, in order of importance, according to the knowledge you have gained through the readings this week and your personal experiences.

Provide one example from popular media (newspaper, radio, television, Internet, or podcast, for example), and one from your own experience to illustrate your points.

Post your initial response of at least 250 words early and check back often to continue the discussion. Be sure to respond to at least two posts from other students or your instructor. Your responses in the discussion board must be well written according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (Links to an external site.). Finally, be sure to include in your initial post at least one reference using the CSU Library or other professional and scholarly references.

Optional: Interact with your instructor and classmates in a new way. Consider responding to this discussion using the classroom’s audio/video option below. If you choose this option, please record a 2-3 minute response to the discussion questions, and include your references in the text box before submitting your post. For further instructions, click on the audio/video instructions below.

Business Management and Administration Library Guide
A Library Guide is available via the following link to serve as a great resource in this course for you. The

Library Guide provides a variety of pre-selected databases within the

library that are designed to support this specific course. Be sure to use this link throughout the course to support your assignment and discussion board research efforts:

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