When exploring the marketing plans of various companies, you will undoubtedly discover how some businesses have already experienced success, but also find themselves facing a highly competitive environment in which they must re-evaluate their target market. Perhaps a company has already tried to make some adjustments to their original marketing plan, and has been considering additional steps that it might take to increase profitability.

To prepare:

  • Search online for a case study on which to focus for this Assignment. Your task in this Application is to make suggestions to the marketing manager in the case study you select. Keep in mind that the case study or example you select must allow you to satisfy the requirements of the assignment.

Note: When searching for case studies, be sure to search for key terms included in the prompts above.

By tomorrow

Complete the attached Week 2 Assignment Template in which you explain the following in 250–350 words:

  • How the target market changed over time
  • Whether you think the marketing manager should make changes to the products he/she offers
  • Recommendations you might make to the marketing manager
  • How the marketing manager might be more certain that any actions he/she takes will more completely address the needs of the target consumer group
  • The risk(s), if any, that are involved with implementing your suggestion(s)
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