CD Invèstèc Banquè (“CDI”) is a large retail bank, headquartered in Munich and listed on the German Stock Exchange since 1945, having successfully established branches in Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands. They employ approximately 13,789 people across 4,112 branches and are now looking to open branches in key locations in your country.

An immediate area of concern for the bank is that they need to update their technology and office systems. They haven’t updated it in over 10 years! Employees are finding it increasingly difficult to operate with multi-country clients as there is no central sharing platform for storing vital client information, meeting schedules, notes and presentations and it is becoming evident that there is a lack of collaboration between countries and this is affecting their brand and their business. With their objective to move into other emerging markets, they want to look at this as an opportunity to move their IT system to Cloud, with privacy, security, and compliance practices of utmost importance. Their Board intend to leverage a wider vendor proposition in this area. After studying different options, the company’s Board have narrowed their focus to Microsoft and two of our competitors. CDI is a potential new and important client for Microsoft!

Your task is to provide the client with a paper of the technical proposal with all the necessary arguments for their business case in order for them to make a confident decision in favour of Microsoft Office 365.

You are fully aware that a decision (either way) will impact our business with this client. You know their key business strategy involves a rapid growth plan into new territories.

Things you may want to consider

•The goals of the client/their business objectives

•How Office 365 will align to their business objectives

•Performance and efficiencies of Office 365 to the client

•Any risks that would be associated with your proposed solution

•Consider promoting Microsoft as a leading Cloud services provider

•How you can demonstrate adding value for CDI’s business through your paper


Website: to Microsoft Office 365

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