Make the necessary revisions outline by the instructor below…please make the changes with no plagiarism…it will be checked. Please make ALL the changes he describes…



I’m sorry for the late reply. Please see my comments below.

You have done a good job, so far. This is a good first version of the report.

Formatting: Pay attention to the formatting, as described in the project document. You need to add titles to each section (e.g Introduction, Current status, alternative solutions, etc.)

Content: Explain the current situation more. Try to identify the most important issues in this section.

In the next section (i,e, alternative solutions), propose one or more solutions for the problems identified in above section.

In the discussion section, discuss the advantages and disadvantages or each alternative solution or discuss why choosing the alternative solution of your choice can benefit the company.

Propose how your set of actions can work together in the next section.

Add summary/ conclusion section and discuss the possible issues of your solution and future actions.

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