Write a 8 page Lit Review on the topic of public agency accreditation in the parks and recreation field. The literature review will present a review of the literature related to the topics of agency accreditation, importance of accreditation process and best practices in local government regarding accreditation processes for external organizations. I will provide the first 2 pages, you help with the last 8 pages.

The paper must be in APA format and have at least 10 scholarly resources.

The lit review should start with a solid introduction of the project, background and then state specifically what you plan to achieve. The lit review addresses how the larger topic has been addressed by the scholarly journals, then starts to narrow down how your specific topic is being handled by others in the field, possibly showing where it is done poorly or well by others, finally your lit review will give the background support of your specific agency/organization. By that I mean your lit review will go from the broad scholarly coverage to the very detailed rules and regulations that affect your project (if that is the case). Think of the questions your end user may ask. “How is state X doing this?” “Have they been successful?” “How is Y branch of service addressing this issue?” “Have they saved money?” Obviously each project is different but this should help your perspective.

Make sure this is in narrative form and you weave in how the sources apply to your project as you go. This is not an annotated bibliography and you can’t just “stack” sources with no analysis on your part.

The literature review focuses on how other researchers have addressed similar questions. It places the study in context and discusses how it will differentiate itself from what is already in the field. You should have no fewer than 10 scholarly articles as references in this submission. You are attempting to establish what the literature says and where the gap exists that you plan to fill with your project! You may find help at . Please make sure not to “stack” sources. Weave each source into the relevance of your project and each other. It is usually a good idea to move from the academic scholarly literature, to the national studies, then to state and local and finally anything specifically to your work. Many projects have government reports or state or agency documents in this section compared to what you would find in a thesis lit review but you do need some scholarly peer reviewed journals to set the stage.

Additional information regarding paper and references to use will be sent after tutor is picked.

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