legal essay 4

Chapter 16: Good faith and reasonable conduct will prevent many contract disputes.

Chapter 17: The flexible powers of a court should enable it to craft a just remedy for almost any breach of contract.

Chapter 25: Once again, the subject is trade-offs. You can accomplish more if other people do things for you. On the other hand, you also face liability for their actions. Being a manager means getting things done through other people; but other people make mistakes. In this chapter, we look at how agency relationships are created and then we look at liability issues. It is virtually impossible to run a business without using agents. But using an agent dramatically increases the risk of liability–in both contract and tort. Because of this increased risk, it is important to understand agency law. It affects virtually everyone at some point in his or her life.

Chapter 26: Employment law is an important—and difficult—area of law to study. It is important because it affects almost everyone, directly or indirectly. It is difficult because it is changing rapidly. Even now, employment law can vary dramatically from state to state.

Topics are:

  • “Discussion Questions” #2 on page 376 OR
  • “Essay Questions” #3 from page 398 OR
  • “Essay Questions” #1 & 2 on page 613 OR
  • “Essay Questions” #5 on page 643

Please post your answers of the Essay Questions in this forum first, then read and debate two other classmates’ postings. Your essay format needs to be the same format as 1-6a Analyzing a Case example shown on textbook page 13 with “Facts, Issue, Decision, Reasoning”. Your responses to your classmates’ postings should follow the guidance of “Devil’s Advocate” on textbook page 15.

The grading criteria of your essay is shown below:

Facts: 0 point ( You simply copy and paste the facts provided by the essay questions from the textbook)

Issue: 1 point ( Your capability of identify ALL the legal issues presented by the case)

Decision: 1 point (serving as a judge, you need to issue a court decision when all issues are decided)

Reasoning: 4 points ( This is the most important part of the essay. You need to refer to the definition of the law and interprete it to support the decisions above. )

Debates of two of your classmates’ postings: 2 points (Offer a contrasting view of the legal issue and challenge your classmates’ decisions.)

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