Essay 1 TOPIC:

Of the many examples studied by Plutarch, which two did you find most helpful in understanding the challenges and tasks of leadership faced by leaders and the role character plays in it? Justify your choice with at least three arguments, using the material assigned for this class.

Title page:

The title page should meet the criteria set up in the “IRES Essay Writing Standards” 2.1, p. 3 as well as in Appendix A. on p. 7 Please note that you need to develop your own title that illustrates your hypothesis just like a title of a real scholarly article. An essay topic (see above) is not a proper title, it is a merely a research question you start with.

Structure of the essay:

The essay should be not longer than 3500-4000 words.

The structure of the essay should meet the criteria set up in the “IRES Essay Writing Standards” (Appendix B).

Failure to include paragraphs will lower your grade.

Papers with no references will be rejected. Fore referencing see 2.4, p. 4 of the “IRES Essay Writing Standards.”

For instance i have uploaded the essay from previous year than u could check for better understanding ,but you can’t use materials from it because it would be plagiarism .Please pay attention that previous year the task was to choose one person and now we should select two !!

And one more sagnificant thing is this essay should be written by harvard reference style !

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