Task Description:

1. Conduct your own research regarding a job and potential companies that interest you. You will need at least three separate sources in your research (the job itself, the career field, and the company). You should gather basic information such as a job description, starting salary, level and type of education required for the position, and specific information regarding the company of interest. Write up the information you’ve gathered in a one page memo.

2. Formulate ten questions that you will use to interview an individual in the entry-level position of your choice. Do not try the questions that you will use to interview someone in a top managerial position (g., CEO) or someone you know (relatives, friends and their companies are not acceptable for this assignment).

What you need to do:

– The assigned job position is “Market Analyst” and you can select a company you like, but do not try the most famous companies in the world such as Apple, GEICO, Microsoft, etc.

– Conduct the research as required in the “Task Description” and write a one page, single spaced memo of your research.

– Generate ten interview questions as required in the “Task Description”.


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