1. Small capacity magnetic disks are most common form of storage because of high-speed random access capability.
2. What component did the first computer use?
3. What is an output device?
4. Mainframe computers cannot communicate with several users simultaneously through timesharing.
5. What is your favorite virtual reality software application and why?
6. Name two types of software applications.
7. What is a input device?
8. What are two types of websites for digital references?
9. After any job interview, what should you always ask?
10. Name two types of mobile applications.
11. When looking for product reviews online, which website was taught in-class to review the: Pros, Cons, and bottom line?
12. What your favorite software application that was covered in the course and why?
13. Evidence suggests that typing on a standard keyboard, which forces you to hold your arms and wrists at unnatural angles, may lead to ____________.
14. What is a writer’s toolbox? Please explain.
15. From the list which one is not a software application.
16. A type of software that converts voice data into words that can be edited and printed is called ____________ software

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