DB1 – Compare and contrast the benefits and disadvantages of utilizing an in-house system with an existing commercial software package. Use a business system that you are familiar with, if possible.

DB2 – Complete and submit the end result of New Century Health Wellness Group Case Study, Assignment 1, page 239-240. Post for discussion.

DB3 – Read the New Century Health Wellness Group Case Study from Chapter 5, pg 239-240. Use MS Visio to develop a rough draft of a Context Diagram and a Diagram 0 DFD, Assignments 1 and 2. Post the Context Diagram and level 0 DFD. List any triumphs, challenges and questions encountered or still remain in producing these diagrams.

DB4 – Describe the difference and similarities between a context diagram and a dataflow diagram level 0 – 3. When would you utilize one instead of the other and describe why. Review the Modeling Tools and Techniques discussed on pages 149 – 153. How would you utilize these tools to provide additional project substance and information? Considering projects that you may be already working on in your organization or your MAP project, what are some of the challenges that you might encounter utilizing? Create sample Use-Case, Context, or DFD diagrams to create a draft to illustrate the “Before” and “After” effects.

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Each DB has to write 300 words

please refer textbook for DB2,DB3,DB4

NO plagiarism

Reference should be must

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