Information security has been a hot topic with the United Stated government especially after the most recent cyber-attacks. Also, with the information security breach related to the Target Corporation and now the Home Depot Corporation, it is important to understand how personal information and accounts are stored and also how they should be properly disposed of. After reviewing the video, please answer the following questions.

1. Where do corporations store personal and account information?

2. What other forms of confidential information is out there which many businesses do not think about? Consider ANY form of information that can be stolen.

3. Based on your readings, work experience, and knowledge of the topic, what measures could you use to prevent an information security breach.

****Please prepare an APA formatted paper of a minimum of 750 words, excluding the title page and references. Be sure to substantiate your assessment and conclusions for these questions with at least two scholarly or professional journal articles written during the last five years in addition to appropriate course materials

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