Note that you must include content from the assigned reading – you may augment, but not replace, that content with additional sources. Include each question before your response.

Part A: Describe the purpose of integrity constraints in logical database design, then list and explain the types of integrity constraints in a logical data model. Include an example of each constraint (other than the ones in the text!)

Part B: Referential integrity is an important constraint. Explain how referential integrity helps to ensure the content (field values) remain consistent in the database. Provide an example of a situation where you would not want to allow the DBMS to delete a parent if child tuples existed in another table (other than the ones in the text)

You must provide your responses in a word compatible attached document. Your submission should paraphrase the material you reference, use minimal direct quotes (copy and paste).

Restrict your use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 15% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if you exceed this limit).

Please use APA format and APA in text citation……

*****No Plagiarism please******

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