Part A
Assume we are tasked with finding ways to improve the learning management system (LMS) we are using for this class (we use a product called Sakai) – the goals are to improve the knowledge gained by each student, and to enhance the student’s learning experience.

Describe each of the fact finding techniques discussed in the text, and how you would apply each to the above task (be specific and demonstrate an understanding of each technique). Include sufficient content to demonstrate your understanding of each technique and how it would be applied.

Part B
Explain the terms entity, relationship, one-to-many, and many-to-many.
(You may want to review the definitions in the Terms and Concepts Forum – the User Discussion of Multiplicity and Normalization topics (there are definitions and examples and they may be easier to understand than those in the textbook). You may also want to scan section 12.6 in our text – the discussion of multiplicity can be a bit rigorous, so the forum may help.

Using APUS Students and APUS Classes as a guide (this would be an example of a binary relationship; as per Chapter 12 descriptions), identify and explain the relationship that exists between Students and Classes. (consider a class to be a section – for instance, the class you are taking with me is a section and has a unique identification such as INFO321 B001 Sum2017). Hint: think about how many classes a student can take, and how many students are in a class.

Again using APUS as a guide, identify and explain the relationship that exists between the Instructors and the Classes they teach.

Restrict your use of direct quotes (copy and paste) to less than 15% of the submission (the grade will be impacted if you exceed this limit).

Name your document Last Name_Assignment5 (i.e. Smith_Assignment5).

Please – No Plagiarism

Please use APA Format and Cita

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