How you will do it

  1. Use the suggested web sites to complete Citizenship: Research Guide.
    • Complete Steps 1 and 2 on your own, printing out and completing the “Citizenship: Research Guide” to scan later or copying the content into a word processing program where you can compose your answers and then upload them to submit. Instead of identifying one example of an easy and a hard question, you will need toe identify three examples of each.
  2. Conduct an experiment by asking at least five friends, teachers, or family members to complete the test created in step 2. Collect and analyze the results to answer the following questions:
    • What was the average score?
    • Do the results match the questions defined as easy or hard?
    • How do the results compare between the naturalization test questions and the student-created questions?
  3. Using this analysis, discuss the following questions and draw conclusions about the naturalization test.
    • Is the test a fair examination for someone applying for citizenship? Why or why not?
    • If it is not a fair examination, how should the test change?
    • If it is a fair examination, should every U.S. citizen have to pass the test?
    Web Sites:
    Note: some links direct you to external web sites. These sites and their content are not controlled by SAS.

    Citizenship Through Naturalization
    Thinking About Applying for Naturalization?
    Naturalization Self-Test

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