You are a bright individual who usually gets good grades. You want to go to law school, and you need good grades to get accepted to a good law school. You find yourself taking a philosophy test for which you are not well prepared, and you have an opportunity to cheat without being caught. By cheating, you will definitely improve your final grade in the course. If you were a utilitarian, what would be your answer, and what would be your reasoning? You should respond to this prompt in TWO complete well expressed paragraphs: the first paragraph should address the question from the perspective of an act utilitarian; the second paragraph should address the question from the perspective of a rule utilitarian. Make a response to your classmate post ….. “ As an Act Utilitarian, an action becomes morally right when it produces the greatest good for the greatest number of people. Therefore, there are no rules for me to achieve the greatest good. So if I were to cheat on the philosophy test; making this decision allows me the opportunity to get into law school. However, it can calculate utility each time the act is performed. Meaning I might perform the same act in law school to get to the greatest good. That being said is due to the success of the first time performing the act. A Rule Utilitarian looks at the consequences of having everyone follow a particular rule. Let’s say I have never cheated in my life. Reason why is because cheating is not acceptable in any situation. That is the particular rule students go by. However, when given the chance to cheat without getting caught;does make you want to disobey that rule. It is a chance you get to improve your grade;which will produce happiness for me. In this case, instead of following the rule ; I am modifying it.”

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