Identity Essay

The desired outcome of this essay is to discuss identity influenced by your readings and discussions from this module.
You have the option of choosing your own genre and topic if you decide not to choose from options 1-3. The essay needs to be MLA formatted. Sources are not required, but if you do use sources be sure to cite them. Images should be used. The essay should be 3-4 pages long. For all essays consider the audience, purpose, stance, and design. The table on the second page will provide you with more information about this essay.

Your audience for this essay is the professor, and your peers. Do not write this essay to a fictional audience. Do not write in the second person (you). Write in the first person (I) or the third person (he, she, or it).

The purpose of this essay is to discuss identity, by closely observing details associated with those subjects. Your introduction should clearly indicate why you chose your topic and why your topic is important to you.

Stance is the relationship you have towards your topic. The audience should clearly understand your relationship to the topic that you are writing about. For example, you can be critical, curious, opinionated, or passionate about your subject. Your tone should clearly indicate your stance.

Design is an important aspect of your essay. Use images to help make your points. MLA format is required when using images. Consider your audience when choosing images. Learn about how to add images to your document here.
How to get started

Use your textbook to help you with processes and strategies to get started on the essay. Be sure to read the writing prompts for more detailed information about mixing genres, memoirs, and narratives.



Option 1
Concepts about relationships.
Read pgs 265-272 to learn about mixing genres.
Read mixing genres prompt on page 989, #5 For Writing.
Option 2
Write a memoir about punishment.
Read pgs 216-223 to learn about memoirs.
Read memoir prompt on page 875, #5 For Writing.
Option 3
Write a narrative of an early experience.
Read pgs 73-93 to learn about literacy narratives.
Read narrative prompt on page 1003, #5 For Writing. (page numbers and quotes ill do)
part of my essay(Change it if needed and make thing up is what i did)
I was a very lovable and huggable child growing up. As a relatively independent and isolated girl, I stood out from all the other children as the person who was “different”. I was stared at, laugh at, and even picked at. What made me unique is even though I stood out I still was lovable when needed to talk to my classmates. It took me awhile to get to comfortable with my classmates though I would always smile and talk to them and sometimes if needed give them some pointers. The unusual and divided experience of my early years has had a big impact on me to this day. When it comes to meeting new people, I’m a shy peanut and those who get to know me find that I can be quite crazy at times. My desire to help others from when I was young often stood in contrast to my shy self, et it was this contrast that shaped the identity I have today.
An early example of this occurred at recess in first grade. In your typical, child-like argument, two boys in my class named Aiden and Jaden were fighting over a swing. It was a sunny day right after lunchtime and there was a dispute over who got to go on the swings. One would push Where I might otherwise shy away I felt compelled to step into such a silly argument. I said to them “Aiden and Jayden let’s play together and take turns so we don’t have to have you guys fight.” At first, they disagreed and continued to fight. Frustrated but determined, I told them “don’t break your friendship just because of a stupid swing.” By the end of recess, they had begun to share, while I went back to my normal, shy self.

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