Hi, I was not able to understand a English literature.

Can anyone elaborate it so that I could understand it?

I n his highly acclaimed play J.B., poet Archibald MacLeish created a wealthy, successful family man who praised God for his prosperity.

“Not for a watch-tick,” says J.B., snug inside his New England home, “have I doubted / God was on my side, was good to me. / Even young and poor knew it. / People call it luck: it wasn’t. / I never thought so from the first / fine silver dollar to the last / controlling interest in some company / I couldn’t get-and got. It isn’t / luck.”


1. “Not for a watch-tick”???

2. I never thought so from the first

3. Fine silver dollar to the last

4. controlling interest in some company

5. I coudn’t get-and got. It isn’t/ luck.

English is my second language, please make explanation real.

Thank you.


For Camus, man was doomed to suffer and die, innocent and ultimately alone, amid the ”benign silence of the universe.” Disease, ignorance, death, and man’s inability to know truth from error constituted, for Camus, “the absurd,” man’s existence in a world where questions, needing answers, had none.

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