For this assignment you will complete a summary review of an APUS Online Library scholarly, peer-reviewed journal article on an important issue in psychology selected from the list below. This summary will be attached to the assignment screen for grading and also posted on the Week 6 Forum where it will 1) be read by classmates for discussion in class.

This assignment is identical to the assignment from Week 2, however, you will be selecting a new article to review. It requires a single evidence-based, peer-reviewed journal article, not an opinion publication or one reviewing or summarizing multiple writings or researchers’ experimental studies. Evidence-based means the article reports on a single experiment conducted by an article’s author(s). Peer-reviewed means an article in an academic journal that had to be approved by the journal’s editorial panel of scientific discipline experts. Trade journals and commercial/popular publications do not qualify for the assignment.

Because it reports on a single article, this assignment will only have one publication, the article you are summarizing, listed in the required APA formatted attached Reference list. Submissions not meeting this requirement cannot be assigned points. This paper will include a description of the article’s main focus, a description of the experimental methodology (including the study sample, measures and analyses used, etc.), discussion of the results and related conclusions reached by the article’s authors, and a substantive closing paragraph describing two to three future research ideas inspired by the article.

This assignment, like all others in the course, must be completed per the general writing standards.

Required page length is 3 pages

my topic of choice: Hypnosis treatment for HIV.

attached is the link to the peer reviewed article to be summarized.


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