Option #1: Reflection on and Presentation of Program Highlights

There are two parts to this assignment.

Part 1:

  1. Review and reflect on the work you’ve completed in the B.S. in Human Services program and on what you’ve learned.

Key learning from program:

Intervention Methods in Human Services

Grant writing

Case Management in Human Services

Crisis Intervention

Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Services

Community development in Human services

  1. Prepare a slide presentation using the application of your choice (e.g., Prezi, PowerPoint, or Google). Your presentation must highlight what it is and the importance it is in human services and describe how this learning informs your future plans for working in the human services field.
  2. Be sure to incorporate culture and diversity issues in human services.

Your well-written presentation should be four to five slides in length, which is in addition to the title and references slides that you must also include. Each slide must have a notes page of 200-400 words and in-text citations that are properly referenced. Incorporate two to four citations. Format your presentation according to the APA format

Part II: Practitioner Experience (Career Development Criteria)

In a single well-written page:

  1. Describe and critique an internship or volunteer opportunity related to the human services field in which you might be interested.
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