Answer the current issues in particular Industry (Higher Education Institutions) of Malaysia in terms of training and development as per below :-

Generation Y workers tend to be highly educated and educationally minded; they typically attribute their success to their educational opportunities (Wong & Wong, 2007a, 2007b.)

(1) Generation Y employees always assume they have to carry through the work on their own and organization doesn’t seem to show importance (Luscombe et. al., 2012). Discuss the expected needs and goals in the training and development that can affect retention of generation Y employees in Higher education institutions.

The report should be between 2500-3500 words long, with 1.5 spacing using Times New Roman font size 12 with 1” margin all around. Students should write the word count of the content (excluding cover, reference list and appendices) on top of the Marking Scheme.

The research journal articles and other supporting articles from various sources used should be from the year 2012 -2017 onwards. Articles are allowed but you must have a minimum of 10 Journals.

Students are to incorporate American Psychological Association (APA) mode of referencing

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