This assignment has two parts, one part to bring to class and the other part to turn in on Canvas. Discuss your answers in fully developed sentences.

On Thursday, October 19, Attorney Michael Carr will be the guest speaker in class. As an experienced litigator, he has tried more than 50 jury trials in state and federal court as lead counsel, ranging from complex civil personal injury cases to triple homicide capital murder defense. He is a graduate of Cleveland High School and has worked as an assistant district attorney prosecuting felony crimes in Bolivar, Coahoma, Quitman, and Tunica Counties.

For many years, he represented police and sheriff departments across the state in civil right claims – specifically police involved shootings, high speed pursuits, jail death, and Taser cases. He currently specializes in state and federal criminal defense, as well as apartment complex personal injury cases.

In addition to this practice, he currently serves as Mississippi Bar Commissioner for the 11th Circuit, and regularly participates in Wills for Heroes, where he assists first responders with drafting wills and estate planning. He has served as a judge and attorney coach for the Mississippi High School Mock Trial Competition for ten years.

Conduct background research on the law practice and litigation industry. Either type and print or handwrite your response and bring to class on Thursday prepared to discuss. Identify your response with your name and class. Use at least one source for your research and cite it.

Part 1 (bring to class Thursday)

  • Explain with examples what service characteristics (chapter 2) discussed in class apply to this industry?
  • Explain with examples what type of internal and external influences from the Consumer Behavior Model (chapter 3) influence the customers of this industry?
  • Explain with examples what some of the current trends in this industry are? This should not be your opinion but facts found in your research.
  • Explain with examples what some of the current challenges in this industry are? This should not be your opinion but facts found in your research.
  • Explain with examples what opportunities for growth are in this industry?

Part 2 (turn in on Canvas before class Thursday)

  • Find at least one news article pertaining to this industry and provide a URL to it in the text entry box. Discuss anything interesting you read about the article.
  • Develop at least two questions to ask the speaker based on your research and provide them in the text entry box.
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