Chapter 2
According to the textbook why was the colony of Georgia created and when?

Chapter 3
Describe the Salem witch trials as presented in the textbook?

Chapter 5
Describe the Battle of King’s Mountain as presented in the textbook.

Chapter 8
What reasons did the textbook give as to why factories and mills were not built in the Southern United States?

Chapter 9
According to the textbook what are the four parts of the Monroe Doctrine?

Chapter 10
According to the textbook how did the Eaton affair change the Presidency?

** I must get my answer from the textbook, which I do not have. Textbook is:

She, David and George Tindall. America: The Essential Learning edition. 9th ed., New York: W. W. Norton & Company, 2015.

The answer should be at least 5 sentences on each question. I do NOT need references.

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