Writing Assignment1-2 pages, Double Spaced

Respond to the Imani Perry chapter from the attached reading file below.

Briefly summarize the reading and describe how the critical vocabulary the author presents will be helpful when writing your final essay. Your summaries don’t need to cover the entire chapter; pick a couple things that will be helpful for your essay and stick to them!

These papers are being evaluated first and foremost on clarity and writing style.

Please use double-spaced, point 12 Times New Roman Font. Every summary requires a bibliography and sources should be properly cited (either Chicago or MLA style). Google “Chicago Citation” or “MLA Citation” if you are unclear how these citation styles work.


Perry, Imani. “Stinging Like Tabasco: Structure and Format in Hip Hop Compositions.” In Prophets Of The Hood: Politics And Poetics In Hip Hop, 58-101. Durham: Duke University, 2004.

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