those are all the instructions *Note: the work you did before is include in the atachment

You will research and “write” a 1500 – 2000 word “essay” (or different digital media “text”) on a topic related to the “digital media current issue” generated by the “Preparation” assignment. Remember that the “Infographic Assignment” will be based on the research you do for this assignment so you may want to ensure that you include a statistical component as part of your research because this type of data works well in a visual form.

This is called a ‘research’ assignment because it is expected that your understanding about the topic will be informed by *expert* sources that you obtain through the VIU Library. The segment from CBC’s The Current might provide some foundational knowledge but the academic research should significantly add to your understanding about the issue or topic. You may include your own experience with this issue so long as long as it used only to support evidence you’ve gathered from experts during your research.

To this end, you must incorporate at least five *academic* sources in your text using either MLA or APA when citing the sources in your writing (choose one citation approach and be consistent with its use). There must be a bibliography section of your production listing all sources used, including the CBC segment.


You may present your findings in a variety of formats. You may write a traditional paper, or you may create a website that incorporates the information you’ve gathered and synthesized. You may also create a different version of digital media, but regardless of the format, the focus of this assignment MUST be on representing the knowledge that you’ve gained about the topic through the research you’ve done on it. If you’re unsure about how this might work, but you have what you think might be a good idea, see Alanna for guidance and feedback!


Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • quality of topic (1/3 of the marks) — your topic should be interesting to you personally, and thus interesting to the audience. Your presentation should inform the reader about the impact digital media is having on as aspect of communication within our society.
  • quality of presentation (1/3 of the marks) — text should be well-thought out, clear, and free from spelling, grammatical and typing errors. It should also be an appropriate format for the topic;
  • quality of research (1/3 of the marks) — a good range and variety of academic sources should be accessed and incorporated properly into text following one of the listed citation approaches;

If you have any questions about this assignment, please be sure to ask Alanna as soon as possible.

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