After any governance document has been established, new policies and procedures are implemented, and the organization begins using them and adapting to the new way of working through tasks. As time goes on, changes to these policies and procedures will be required to evolve as the organization and requirements change. It is important to manage and control how these changes occur so that the intent of the governance is not compromised. Therefore, policy and procedure governance is an important part of the overall governance implementation

Produce a 4–8 page paper with the results of your discussion. This paper will be added to the Information Technology (IT) Governance Policies and Procedures Manual that has already been established. The document that your group created will serve as the Policy and Procedure Governance section(s) of the IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual.

In the Policy and Procedure Governance section(s), you should include the following:

  • State the purpose of this section of the document.
  • State how this section(s) align with overall governance goals and objectives.
  • State how the content of this section might be influenced by U.S. federal security legislation and oversight (e.g., OCIE, FINRA, GLBA, HIPPA).
  • Identify the types of changes to policies and procedures this section of the manual will cover.
  • List the steps to be followed when the organization introduces a new or modified IT policy or procedure.
  • List the steps to be followed when the organization proposes a change to the IT Governance Policies and Procedures Manual.
  • Include appropriate approval levels for the types of changes introduced.

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