Discussion on Game Interfaces

Pick any simple game that is played on a mobile device or desktop/tablet or game console. For this discussion you should consider the pros and cons of playing the same game using different interfaces. Select two interfaces, other than the GUI and mobile ones (e.g. tangible, wearable, and shareable) and describe how the game could be redesigned for each of these, taking into account the user group being targeted. For example, the tangible game could be designed for young children, the wearable interface for young adults, and the shareable interface for elderly people.

1-Include the name of the game and the real life platform and interface it is available.

2-Identify the two new interfaces you would play the game. Describe a hypothetical scenario of how the game would be played for each of the two interfaces. (Consider specific design issues that will need to be addressed. For example, for the shareable surface would it be best to have a tabletop or a wall-based surface? How will the users interact with the game features, how will interaction occur? Would you add any other rules?)

3-Compare the pros and cons of designing the game using the two different interfaces with respect to how it is currently played.

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