Reader Response: “From Civil Rights to Megachurches” by Charles Duhigg

Answer all three questions as completely as possible. Add quotes to each of your answers. 1 ½ pages to 2 pages needed for full credit.


1. Pay attention as you read to Duhigg’s definition and use of the terms strong ties and weak ties. How do these ideas help him make his argument?

2. Take a moment to write down some of your experiences with peer pressure. After you’ve read the essay, return to these experiences and relate them to Duhigg’s ideas about peer pressure. Do your experiences confirm or complicate his ideas? Refer specifically to his text in making your response.

3. What elements are useful for creating social change? As you read the essay, note places where Duhigg describes concepts or action that help produce social change. Use these to help compose your response. The. Reading Part in the file

(((( PLEAS follow the instruction ))).

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