Go to the Student Union and check out the various food stalls. Select 3 food stalls and observe them. (Jamba juice, panda express, and taco bell)

3) Jot down or photograph all the marketing communication efforts you notice.

4) Address the following:

  • Take note of the position of the stores you selected in the Student Union (school’s student center)
  • Compare and contrast the messages you see:
    • Comment on how the marketing materials/signs/promotional materials vary between your selected stores.
    • Do you think the sales promotion messages are effective in reaching YOU as the target audience?
    • How do the sales promotion vary from store to store?
    • Which sales promotion, media and messages did you find particularly attractive? Explain why.
    • Recommend other, better ways for the stores to encourage the campus community to buy their food at the particular store. .

3) Submit this as a presentation (PPT, or Google Slides) addressing the marketing communications points listed above.

4) Maximum number of slides: 8 (excluding title slide). You may follow the following outline in preparing your presentation:

  • Main learning objective (1 slide)
  • Store IMC analysis (5-6 slides)
  • Conclusion (1 slide)

I have attached a short summary about these three stores in our school’s student union (san jose state university)

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