Your course project will consist of a PowerPoint presentation on a financial concept of your choosing. In addition to your PowerPoint presentation you must either include narrowed slides with audio or create a separate word document containing a narrated speech for your presentation. You must submit your topic for your instructor’s approval in Unit 2.

Due Dates

  • Part 1 of 2: Unit 2 – Submission of topic for approval
  • Part 2 of 2: Unit 5 –This presentation is due by midnight on the last day of Unit 5.


  • Your presentation should be no more than 15 slides.
  • Your presentation should contain bulleted points and should be visually pleasing.
  • Include your recorded narration into the presentation. The following link gives instructions on adding sound to your presentation: Adding Sound to PowerPoint (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..
  • Consider your audience and use clip-art, animation, templates and fonts that best communicate the information.
  • Research articles and books on the Internet and via the ECPI Online Library. You must use credible sources. Wiki’s and blog are unacceptable sources. Be sure to include the URL(s)).
  • Use APA style to site your sources and be sure to include a reference page in your presentation.

When you have completed your PowerPoint file, zip your file to compress the file size. Once your file is zipped, it should be NO LARGER THAN 9 MB. If your zipped file is larger than 9MB you will need to remove some of your images. You will NOT be able to upload a file larger than 10MB.

Hint: The Microsoft Office Information folder contains links to helpful documents and video demonstrations to help you add audio to your PowerPoint presentation, as well as other PowerPoint tasks.

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