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Sufism came about as a result of what was seen as worliness encroaching traditional Islam, with the goals being to liberate peoples from, fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred, through a higher state of consciousness. The Sufi through absolution aspires to purify oneself from anything not of God. For Muslims in general the act of prostration is an act of humility and willingness to be shattered by God’s majesty, but with Sufi’s it is an absolute humility and wanting to extinguish the seperate self completely in the devine presence. For Muslims in general they pray 5 times daily and with Sufi’s they strive to make their lives a constant state of prayer seeking the presence of God in their lives to be a here and now reality rather that something to be anticipated in the future. With Sufism there is also a tightening of the muslim creed of, ” no god but God”, to mean that nothing but God exists, and anything that appears not to be is in actuality God in disguise to the unintiated whom are in ignorance, setting Sufi’s on a progressive path of expanding their knowledge through symbolism.

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