Please respond to the following with 240 words. Please provide meaningful feedback in your own words :

Monotheism is the belief in on personal, transcendent Creator God as opposed to belief in many gods. It developed in Egypt when Amenhotep took the throne. The Egyptians were polytheistic and Amenhotep was a devotee of the sun god, Aton. So when he took the throne, he changed his name and suppressed all polytheistic cults and put only Aton’s name on all the monuments, erasing all other gods. Due to the reading and the video streaming, I believe that Judaism did originate from other religions, but that it was not always a monotheistic religion. When Canaanites became Israelites, they wrote stories about destroying the Canaanites and becoming a nation. In reality the Israelites were an outcome of the collapse not the reason of the collapse. They made these stories to distinguish themselves and their God was the way that they distinguished themselves. Judaism believes in only one God and in fact they believe that God’s name is so sacred that it should never be spoken. The Israelites were henotheistic and they believed in multiple gods, but worshiped only one god. I believe that when the Canaanites left and became the Israelites they were moving to be more of a monotheistic religion. I think that Buddhism’s response to the topic of cosmogony was very well said. I do think that it is does prevent spiritual growth and progress if you are constantly questioning your religion, however, I do think that it is important to gain your own understanding and to make sure that you truly understand and are able to grasp every concept and not just blindly follow as your religion says.

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