Fashion Consumer Behavior: Two Questions Exercise #3: Go to

Fashion Consumer Behavior: Two Questions Exercise #3: Go to Levi Strauss used to dominate the jeans market. It was a mainstay product for youth in the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Something happened in the ’80s and ’90s, however, that caused the youth to begin shifting their attention to other brands and different ways of dressing. What did attitudes have to do with this shift? How should the company best deal with these changes? Using yourself as an example, tell Levi’s what they must do to secure your business again. If you are already a customer, explain what the company must do to keep your business. If you are not a customer, explain why you have loyalty to another brand. 2-3 Pages Exercise #4: Think of a fashion product you recently shopped for online. Describe your search process. How did you become aware that you wanted/needed the product? How did you evaluate alternatives? Did you wind up buying online? Why or why not? What factors would make it more or less likely that you would buy something online versus in a traditional store? Now consider Apple iBeacons – if they were introduced into your in-store consumer journey, could you envision a different purchasing outcome? This is like your shopping behavior. 300-400 words.

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