The sample is 16 pages. i want you to write 8 pages it has to be a new and small business.

Here is the Content Guidelines for writing report:

Format: double spaced, 12-pt. Times Roman font. Your references should follow APA format.

  • 1)Introduction (1 page or less) Describe the main objectives/goals of your case study project, and provide an overview of the main questions and issues your paper will address.
  • 2)Overview of the business (1page) You should describe briefly about the business, such as industry, sales, profits, number of employees, gender, age, educational background of the entrepreneur, time they have been in this country, add if any interesting information that they might want to share.
  • 3)Analysis of Entrepreneurship intention (one and half pages)
  • 4)Analysis of Beginning considerations (one and half pages)
  • 5)Analysis of Marketing and financial considerations (one and half pages)
  • 6)Analysis of Sources of Funds and conclusion (one and half pages)

The following four sections will be the main body of your paper. I recommend you select at least 2-3 questions above from each section and analysis those questions with the information you collected from the interview. The conclusion question is required to answer.

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