· Locate a professional article, somehow related to the housing industry/financial crisis of 2008. The article must come from an academic journal or professional publication.

· Produce a summary of the article. Your summary must be between 300-400 words. In order to meet the length criteria, you must endeavor to edit effectively.

· The original article must be attached to the submitted summary.

*In order to earn full-credit, you must attach to your summary a copy of the article about which you are writing.

*Note: A summary is a condensed “re-statement” of an extended idea or argument. A summary neither analyzes nor offers an opinion of a text; it simply, briefly restates it. Remember also that a Summary — because it is the re-telling of another person’s work/idea — must include appropriate source citations.

*Suggested Publications (search archives):

· Wall Street Journal

· Businessweek

· New York Times

· Money (magazine)

· Washington Post

· Fortune (magazine)

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