Research Paper Topic : The student will choose a topic pertaining to human anatomy that they would like to learn more about. Research the topic and in the student’s own words explain what they have learned. 1.Sources : The student must have at least two references. The student will use credible sources such as peer reviewed journals and/or medical web sites such as JAMA or Mayo Clinic etc. 1.Paper Length : At least one full page long, using 12 point font, but no longer than three pages. 1.Documentation : Paper must use APA style IN-TEXT documentation. Paper must also have an APA style ” References” page at the end containing article titles, authors, web sites etc. 1.Cover Page : Paper must include a cover page containing paper title, student’s name and date. 1.Paper Submission : Paper will be submitted to this “Assignment” section by the above due date. 1.Paper Grading : The paper will be graded on content, proper grammar and punctuation, writing in student’s own words (not a lot of direct quotations), in-text documentation, paper length, references, organization, and punctual submission.

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