Please read the attached file carefully it has the direction step by step. For the references use only the refrence in the file and not kt bring naything from outside.

The most important thing in this assignment is the use of In-Text Citations via Reader-Based Documentation Technique & Works Cited Practice

Assignment Directions

You will be responding to the following controversial question:

Should school boards allow high school students to graduate early if the required credits have been earned?

  • First, you need to decide whether you would answer yes, no, or maybe to the Question. If you
    would answer maybe, you will be qualifying (Toulmin) as you will indicate when you support the claim and when you would not.)
  • Next, determine the specific reasons you will offer in support of your opinion.

Come up with at least 2.

3. Now, search through the fictitious pieces of research I have provided for evidence: data and/or
expert testimony to support your reasons. If you are not sure about your reasons, read the research
to provide you with ideas.

REMEMBER:The assignment will require that you use the complete in-text citations for all first uses of a source and then the condensed citation for the second use of any source.

Specific Requirements

  • Write a short essay (about 1.5 pages) that is an argument either in support of or against early graduation for high school students.
  • You must use at least 3 of the fictitious sources provided, and you must use two of those sources twice. Consequently, you will have at least 5 citations minimum: three full citations and two condensed citations.
  • The essay must have an introduction and conclusion. (It can be a single/extended paragraph essay. As you have done before or you may make it a multiple paragraph essay but remember that paragraph by definition must have a topic sentence, 2-3 support sentences, and a summary sentence for a minimum of 5 sentences.
  • Create a Works Cited page – do not just guess at how to format the Works Cited page. Works Cited pages are done differently in all styles – MLA differs from APA style, etc. Look at the Works Cited page on 346 of Writing Matters. (I would flag this page for future use as you will be creating Works Cited pages for every essay we write.)
  • Give your essay an interesting title. Do not just use the topic or the question or the task.
  • Do not forget the MLA heading for the assignment. I deduct points for formatting errors.
  • Do not use any direct quotations – paraphrase EVERY piece of information you pull from the provided sources. A paraphrase is the information restated in your own words. You still must provide a citation even if you have paraphrased the material.
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