Task 2: Read the research paper titled “Environmental impact of e-commerce and other sustainability Implications of the information economy” and answer the following: _x000D_
Q1) Debate on the role of information economy for Sustainable development of the society. _x000D_
Q2) Debates on how E-Commerce provides a Sustained Competitive Advantage in the Digital Era. _x000D_
Task 3: Read the provided research papers and solve the questions: 1) Role of financial institutions in boosting e-banking in Pakistan. 2) The Adoption of e-Banking: The Case of Omani Banks _x000D_
Q1) Discuss the barriers faced in adoption of e-banking in view point of Omani banks and global banking. (You can choose bank Muscat to discuss.)  _x000D_
Q2) Propose recommendations to eliminating the barriers in adapting to e-banking. Recommendations should comprise of Social, Legal and Ethical barriers and their solution. (5 recommendations)  _x000D_
**** Each Question should be have at least 750 words. _x000D_
**** Words limit = Minimum 3000.(without table of content and references) _x000D_
**** References(Harvard  Style)  =  At  least  15  references  are  required  from  books,  journal  articles, newspaper articles, electronic books, electronic journals etc.  _x000D_
**** Citations is required._x000D_
**** The research papers are attached.

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