Greetings, students–

So as promised, I’ve figured out a way to give you all a substantial bonus opportunity.

We will once again, take Monday off, so there will be no class on Monday. I apologize again for my absence.

This bonus opportunity gives you a chance to reflect on DuBois’ “On the Meaning of Progress”.

Take Monday to write a 2-page, double spaced reflection paper on “On the Meaning of Progress”, and bring it with you to class on Wednesday for discussion. I will take them up after class is over and apply the bonus points to your total. As far as headings are concerned, do NOT waste space with the following:

Your Name

Student ID

PHIL 220

Dr. Hills

I don’t need all the “extra”–all I really need is your name and the course; that is sufficient.

This bonus point opportunity will be worth 30 POINTS, basically giving you a free discussion post extra. Again, this is a bonus, so its not considered a normal discussion post–it will simply be added to your point total, should you decide to do it.

I hope this is helpful!


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