District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008) .

read this case and write me a summary of it very short summary and outline and then answer these two questions one of them constitutional question and political question very short and simple and easy answer because i’m going to present this answer to the class see

the constitutional questions is :

What is the legal reasoning about the constitutional issues by the concurring or dissenting opinion(s)?

political question is:

Did interest groups, public opinion, and the states have a position on the case? What was the reaction to the Court’s ruling by the interest groups, public opinion, and states?

this is what the professor said :

Research your questions using any source, internet or otherwise. You do not need more than one source, but multiple sources will strengthen your presentation. Not all sources are equal in strength—i.e., an academic scholarly article has greater weight than Wikipedia. I will ask you to cite your sources after your presentation. 4. You are not required to read the opinion, but you may and quote from it directly if appropriate. 5. Note that the political questions each have two parts. Answer both parts.

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