NOTE: You MUST cite your sources. When you quote the textbook or any other source YOU MUST use “quotes” around the text you use when NOT WRITING IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Include the author’s last name & pg. no in parenthesis immediately following the quote.

Book: Gardner’s Art through the ages

Select one (1) example of a Renaissance artwork *OR* one (1) example of a Baroque artwork to DISCUSS. The example you select MUST be exemplary of the Renaissance *OR* Baroque period in art history. Your art example should be representative of the period and you should discuss it with respect to specific tendencies of the Renaissance *OR* Baroque period style. What is it about the art example that “tells” us it is “Renaissance” *OR* Baroque, for example?

• Begin with an Introduction stating the purpose of your paper and identifying the example you have selected, discuss the example (organize discussion into paragraphs) and then conclude the paper.

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