Hello there, answer all questions correctly

  1. Define Leadership
  2. Define Motivation
  3. Answer: How had the leadership of companies evolve from start up to now?
  4. What should the chief executive’s vision for his company?
  5. What are the leadership traits of the chief executive?
  6. What is organizational structure of a company and how does that shape the leadership culture in the company?
  7. How should communication between leaders and staff handled in a company?
  8. What is a company’s “situation” relative to its market, technologies, and competitors?
  9. What have company leaders done to encourage innovation in companies?
  10. How should a leader handle change in a company?
  11. How can you motivate individuals in a company?
  12. How does Maslow’s Hierarchy come into play?
  13. Who are some of the theorists of motivation (pg 26)
  14. What is behavior conditioning?
  15. How does job performance of employees affect leadership?
  16. How has convergence affected leadership?
  17. How do groups and culture come into play?
  18. Why is it important for a leader to identify a good workforce?
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