Cybersecurity attacks against major businesses, colleges, and the federal government have dramatically increased in recent years. In most cases, the cyberattack ended in massive breaches and leaks of personal information. Here are a few examples for you to review:

Describe your personal approach for common web practices like e-commerce, online banking, and general web browsing. Describe how these continued cyberattacks have changed the way you use the internet and share your personal experience. Be sure you address at least one of the following perspectives in your main post:

  • Concerns you may have about the safety and security of your personal information
  • Preventive steps you use to ensure safety of personal data
  • Whether you have been a victim of compromised information due to a cybersecurity attack

In response to your peers, examine their perspectives and comment accordingly or pose a question to advance the discussion. Do not simply state you agree or disagree, or compliment the posts. You are expected to make two additional, substantive posts.

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